Estate And Probate Administration

New Jersey Estate And Probate Administration Lawyers

When a loved one passes away, many legal issues arise regarding the orderly distribution of their assets. Contact the law firm of Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. to schedule a consultation on probate administration in New Jersey, New York, or Florida.

Facilitate The Probate Process ◦ Protect The Estate And Beneficiaries

Even in situations where a well-designed estate plan clearly establishes how property is distributed, an experienced probate administration attorney will help facilitate the process and protect the rights of the estate and the beneficiaries. Questions can arise regarding property values. Tax obligations and the last debts of the estate must be settled.

Probating Wills Throughout New Jersey, New York And Florida

At the law firm of Witman Stadtmauer, P.A., in Florham Park, New Jersey, we have extensive experience representing families, executors and administrators in probate and estate administration matters. We advise probate administration clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Florida, and have significant expertise in probating wills in the counties of Morris, Essex, Bergen, Hudson, Union, Middlesex, Monmouth, and Ocean. Contact us to schedule a confidential consultation.

Asset Inventory And Distribution

The probate administration attorneys at the New Jersey law firm of Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. will handle all matters related to the probate administration process. Probate administration ensures the orderly distribution of an estate, in accordance with the deceased’s wishes. As part of the probate process, the administrator or executor normally conducts an inventory of assets, obtains asset valuations (when necessary), pays the final debts and taxes of the estate, and distribute estate assets in accordance with the decedent’s instructions, all under the supervision of the probate court.

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

We also advise clients who need legal counsel regarding wills, trusts, and estate planning. To learn more about our estate planning services, see our estate planning page.

To schedule a confidential consultation with our skilled New Jersey probate administration lawyers, contact Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. by calling 973-822-0220. For a case evaluation, click here.