Pension And Employee Benefits

New Jersey Benefits Lawyer

If you own or operate a business, you probably provide a pension plan and other employee benefits to your workers. If your plan has compliance issues or you are contemplating the sale or purchase of a business, or a merger or acquisition, legal issues will arise regarding whether to roll over or terminate plans and how to otherwise integrate existing plans. When establishing a new plan, you need sound legal advice regarding such matters as how to qualify participants, how to make elections under a plan, or whether to choose a qualified or non-qualified plan.

Contact An Attorney To Discuss Pension Plans For Your Business

The employee benefits attorneys at the Florham Park, New Jersey, law office of Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. provide legal counsel to individuals and companies on most aspects of ERISA, cash balance plans, 401(k) pension plans, VCP Applications and other employee benefit compliance issues. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Our pension plan and employee benefit attorneys represent clients not only throughout the states of New Jersey and New York, but nationwide as well.

Skilled Pension Plan Lawyers

At Witman Stadtmauer, P.A., we focus our legal advice on matters related to plan design and plan compliance. If a client needs a custom-designed plan, we have the skill and experience to write a pension plan, whether it be a qualified plan or a non-qualified plan. We are not plan administrators. We advise clients on the legal requirements of qualified plans and how to structure plans that comply with applicable laws, such as ERISA. We work extensively with clients who have plan compliance issues or who are acquiring businesses with existing qualified or non-qualified plans, helping them integrate plan participants into their existing plan. While we provide legal advice regarding plan accounting, benefits calculations, plan loans, and hardship withdrawals, we do not engage in any accounting or administrative functions for our clients’ plans.

401K Plans, Profit Sharing, Executive Compensation, Health Benefits, Cafeteria Plans, Fringe Benefits

Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. provides legal counsel regarding such employee benefits as 401(k) plans, profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans, cash balance plans, 403(b) plans and 457 plans, executive compensation, SERP programs, non-qualified deferred compensation, 409A compliance, health and other welfare benefit plans, cafeteria (Section 125) plans and other fringe benefits.

Legal Representation Before Government Agencies

We have an extensive practice representing clients before the Department of Labor, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Internal Revenue Service with plan audits and in the IRS Employee Plan’s Compliance Resolution System (EPRSC) filings, the Department of Labor’s Delinquent Filer Voluntary Compliance (DFVC) programs and the Department of Labor’s Voluntary Fiduciary Correction (VFCP) program.

Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. has a national pension client base. Contact the New Jersey employee benefits lawyers at Witman Stadtmauer, P.A. to schedule a confidential consultation.