Resolving Personal and Financial Matters Through Premarital Agreements and Mediation

At Witman Stadtmauer, P.A., many of the matters we handle are personal and financial in nature. They affect our clients’ family lives and futures. We handle these matters effectively by focusing on our clients and identifying their long-term needs while resolving their immediate concerns.

Based in Florham Park, New Jersey, we represent clients throughout New Jersey, New York and Florida. We draft and review premarital agreements. We also guide our clients through civil and family mediation in New Jersey.

Premarital Agreements: Protecting Your Financial Future

Our clients have diverse individual experiences. Some are entering into marriage for the first time while others have been married previously. Some have children from other relationships whose financial interests they need to protect.

Our clients’ financial situations are also unique. We represent clients with significant assets to protect, including family-owned businesses, investments and income from trusts. We also represent clients who are entering marital relationships, holding comparatively few assets.

We tailor the services to meet our clients’ individual needs. Generally, this means making sure that the new spouse is treated fairly while protecting a client’s interests. No matter what the situation, we take a professional yet personal approach to legal counsel, advising clients about their rights and how to protect them.

Civil and Family Mediation

Mediation involves the use of a neutral third party to assist disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable, voluntary, informed agreement. The mediator does not dictate the terms of the agreement; instead, the parties do.

At our firm, attorney Catherine Romania serves as a mediator under New Jersey’s Complementary Dispute Resolution programs (CDR) and is a member of the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators (NJAPM). Ms. Romania is also accredited by the NJAPM as a Commercial and Business Mediator. Both attorneys are well-equipped to guide clients through the alternative dispute resolution process.

Our firm handles both civil and family mediations for clients throughout New Jersey. As neutral third parties, we help facilitate clients’ resolution of a broad spectrum of matters, including contract disputes, estate-related disputes, employment disputes and personal family matters. We are particularly skilled at alerting the parties to the potential tax issues that arise during the course of these conflicts and suggesting creative ways to resolve their personal and financial differences. We do not decide the issues; rather, we help the parties navigate impasses and reach an agreement.

The Advantages of Mediation

Family and civil mediation have many advantages for our clients. One of the most important is financial. Mediation helps our clients avoid the expense of litigation by resolving matters quickly and effectively. Through mediation, the parties are often able to negotiate a solution that is practical and without the costs and delays associated with discovery and going to trial.

Mediation also helps make sure that personal matters are resolved privately, without the need for disclosure in public court documents. This can reduce the stress of disputes — and the potential impact — on the parties, as well as family members.

Our approach is focused and clear: We listen. We hear what our clients are telling us and talk with them, helping them manage their expectations while protecting their interests. This is true in our role as mediators, as well as in our role as attorneys.

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If you have built significant wealth, you want to protect your assets during your life and minimize the risk of value lost due to divorce; if you are engaged in a civil or family law dispute, you want to resolve it efficiently and effectively. We can help.

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